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Very interesting and extremely original” (Radio3, Radio Nacional de España)

Original mix of jazz, flamenco and tarantella” (La Repubblica, Italy)

Mediterranean jazz style that encompasses the dream of 

a tolerant and open Mediterranean and is the source of poetic lyrics, oneiric atmospheres and pure groove“ (Ib3 Radio, Spain)

Strong mediterranean flavors” (Jazzfm, UK)



Following the album “Isla Musa” (2019), Sicilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Ermanno Panta is releasing his new album “Llengua de Terra” (2023), mediterranean tales with a jazz twist.


Panta, who in recent years has had the opportunity to collaborate with musicians of the stature of John Mac Laughlin, Jorge Pardo and Carles Benavent is an original member of the new generation of world-jazz musicians and has performed in 18 countries playing with his band in festivals and venues such as Jazz Voyeur Festival, Cançons de la Mediterrania, Formentera Jazz Festival, Jazz Factory Festival, Festival de Thau, Firab!, Babel Sound Festival...


Ermanno Panta's poetic and musical language conveys a vivid sense of the Mediterranean islands' identity and its people's deep connection to the sea. 

Llengua de Terra is an open space. A personal journey between languages, soundscapes and roots music that evokes extensions of land that are thrown daringly towards the sea where they merge and communicate.


Jazzy songs with poetic and autobiographical overtones that navigate freely through four languages. With elements ranging from sicilian music to modern jazz, Panta's new album provides a lyrical commentary on the diversity of the Mediterranean, while at the same time maintaining a distinct personal flavor: the sound of migration. 



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